Monticello, FL
Jefferson County

Monticello is a town rich with history and charm. Most roads offer scenic views of large historical houses, pastures, and gorgeous plantations. Downtown is alive with a variety of local business, unique Antique Stores, Electric City Wheels and Grinds Coffee and Bike Rental Shop, as well as an Old Time Barber Shop.  There are delicious restaurants to entice you for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Locally made organic baked goods and lunches from Tupelo's Bakery, sandwiches from the Brickyard Café and Rancho Grande for an authentic Mexican meal.  

  As a close knit community it is easy to find friendship and support with the locals, who openly welcome all unfamiliar with the area. You will quickly call Monticello your new home! 

A new resident gives her take on Monticello:
"It only took me a couple of days to fall in love. I am originally from a large city so the change was dramatic, but welcomed. I found that the people are friendly and eager to help, and the sheer beauty of this rural community cannot be beat. I would highly recommend Monticello as a place to call home for any individual or family."


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"Family Fun"