Sandra F. Patterson

Sandra F. Patterson, Owner
Sandra F Patterson is a charismatic Real Estate professional with over 20 years of experience. She has mastered the art of marketing and selling homes, and has created a name for herself in property management as well. Throughout the community she is known for her kind heart and powerful work ethic which pair to make her a well qualified realtor for any sale or purchase. Sandra's efforts in the community further show her dedication and interest in bettering the town she lives in, and hopes you will live in too. She was on the board as well as the Treasurer for the Chamber of Commerce,  the producers of all local events such as: Southern Music Rising, Christmas Downtown, and the Watermelon Festival. Her activity in the community gives her limitless resources and knowledge to help your sale or purchase succeed. Please visit our Contact Us page with any questions or concerns regarding your real estate needs, and we will respond as soon as your information is received!